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Otter Class



Welcome to Otter Class! We are a mixed year 5 and 6 class and our teacher is Miss Davey.

Please take a look at our photos to see the exciting learning and trips that have been taking place!

You can find out about our current topic and learning here!  



Pottery Workshop (14 images)

As part of our Topic - The Ancient Greeks - Otters enjoyed a trip to the Holbourne Museum with Ubley to learn about Greek Pottery and the influences that the Greeks had on architecture and designs today. They enjoyed designing their own Greek-inspired pattern and painting it onto their plates.

Created: 10 Mar 20 17:13 | Last modified: 10 Mar 20 17:16

Mastery maths with parents 7.2.20 (19 images)

We were delighted to see so many parents engaging with maths during our evening parent meeting and our 'morning of maths'. The children loved being able to showcase their mathematical thinking!

Created: 7 Feb 20 12:38 | Last modified: 7 Feb 20 12:42

Warburtons Baking with Otters (14 images)

Great fun learning to bake bread!

Created: 14 Nov 19 14:35 | Last modified: 14 Nov 19 14:38

Viking Day (0 images)

Otters enjoyed a fantastic day meeting a Viking and handling artefacts in line with our current topic!

Created: 9 Oct 19 12:09 | Last modified: 9 Oct 19 12:09

Year 6 Buddies (36 images)

The year 6s showing what fantastic role-models they are with their reception buddies. It is lovely to watch how kind and caring they are, giving up their time to support the new children in our school.

Created: 9 Oct 19 09:14 | Last modified: 9 Oct 19 09:26

A Midsummer Night's Dream (105 images)

A fabulous KS2 production!

Created: 19 Jul 19 15:48 | Last modified: 22 Jul 19 16:21

Year 6 leavers (29 images)

The year 6's enjoyed a brilliant final week at East Harptree with lots of fun activities. We will miss you all but wish you the best of luck at your new schools! Well done on a fantastic final year!

Created: 22 Jul 19 10:53 | Last modified: 22 Jul 19 10:56

Leavers Hoodies (7 images)

Farewell to our brilliant Year 6's

Created: 19 Jul 19 15:54 | Last modified: 19 Jul 19 15:55

Year 6 Wells Cathedral Pilgrim day (10 images)

The year 6s enjoyed a lovely day at Wells Cathedral with Ubley year 6s: meeting other year 6s and engaging in some activities to prepare them for secondary school.

Created: 3 Jul 19 09:52 | Last modified: 3 Jul 19 10:02

Stonehenge (13 images)

A great and educational visit to Stonehenge, despite the rain!

Created: 28 Jun 19 15:22 | Last modified: 28 Jun 19 15:34

Lego Myths about Stonehenge (7 images)

Otters and Squirrels had great fun working with Lego and making up their own myths about how Stonehenge was created.

Created: 28 Jun 19 15:30 | Last modified: 28 Jun 19 15:32

Celebrating their hard work! (4 images)

A well-earned trip to the park for year 6. I am incredibly proud of their confidence and positivity during SATs week - they are all amazing!

Created: 17 May 19 10:35 | Last modified: 17 May 19 10:40

Netball Tournament Winners (4 images)

The netball team all performed fantastically at the Chew Valley Netball Tournament. They have been practising extremely hard, supporting one another and working as a great team. A big thank you to our Netball coaches and parents, Kim Tarrant and Emily Peters!

Created: 4 Apr 19 14:01 | Last modified: 4 Apr 19 14:02

Writing Workshop Day with Ubley (5 images)

Otter class joined with Ubley's Fox Class to enjoy their second Writing Workshop Day. Mrs Brady and I were really impressed with the creative writing, use of language and fantastic team work that was displayed! Well done everyone!

Created: 27 Mar 19 16:24 | Last modified: 27 Mar 19 16:25

Play leaders (23 images)

The year 6's have been fantastic role-models to the younger children; independently running lunchtime sessions with the Reception and Year 1 children!

Created: 21 Mar 19 14:03 | Last modified: 21 Mar 19 14:12

World Down Syndrome Day 2019 (5 images)

The children wore colourful socks into school to raise awareness for World Down Syndrome day!

Created: 21 Mar 19 13:59 | Last modified: 21 Mar 19 14:01

East Harptree village pancake race (64 images)

Created: 5 Mar 19 14:39 | Last modified: 21 Mar 19 13:56

World Book Day (6 images)

Otters enjoyed wearing their PJ's for our 'bedtime story' themed World Book Day this year! We enjoyed making a den and having time to share and read our books!

Created: 18 Mar 19 14:39 | Last modified: 18 Mar 19 14:42

Bath Taps into Science (12 images)

Otter class enjoyed a trip to Bath University, alongside some of the Ubley children, to explore an exciting range of Science activities.

Created: 15 Mar 19 16:09 | Last modified: 15 Mar 19 16:27

Volcanoes and Earthquakes (9 images)

Created: 15 Feb 19 11:00 | Last modified: 15 Feb 19 11:03

Hooke Court (113 images)

Year 5 and 6 had a fantastic time at their residential in November! We saw some excellent team-work, perserverence and independence during our stay, with all the leaders commenting on their impeccable behaviour and manners!

Created: 12 Nov 18 12:44 | Last modified: 19 Dec 18 17:08

Harvest service (1 images)

The children conducted a wonderful harvest service to end the first half-term. Thank you to everyone who attended the service and to all the children and parents for your very generous food donations. We are very proud to say that we will be helping others in our local area.

Created: 25 Oct 18 16:09 | Last modified: 25 Oct 18 16:11

Light (14 images)

Otters have been learning about light this term in Science. They have investigated how light travels and filmed a short lesson at the 'light learning lab' to share their knowledge. They have also been building periscopes and investigating Sir Isaac Newton's theory of light!

Created: 25 Oct 18 15:54 | Last modified: 25 Oct 18 16:07

Roald Dahl Day (3 images)

Celebrating our love of reading on Roald Dahl Day. Otters looked brilliant and enjoyed lots of fun activities to celebrate this amazing author's birthday!

Created: 25 Oct 18 16:05 | Last modified: 25 Oct 18 16:07

Tour of Britain (8 images)

The children enjoyed cheering on the Tour of Britain on the first day of term! It was a fantastic experience for them all!

Created: 7 Sep 18 08:00 | Last modified: 7 Sep 18 08:06

KS2 summer production - Wind in the Willows (60 images)

The KS2 summer performance was a huge success this week! The children really put on a wonderful show, with beautiful singing, amazing acting and very well-rehearsed scene changes. Their friends and family had a wonderful time watching the show - "The best school show I've seen!"

Created: 19 Jul 18 16:28 | Last modified: 19 Jul 18 16:39

Sports Day 2018 (15 images)

What a wonderful Sports Day! The children worked extremely well to support their house members and put their all into the races! A massive thank you to Mrs Foley and the year 9 Chew Valley students for organising the event. And thank you to the PTA who helped to keep everyone cool with their wonderful refreshments - it was great to see so many parents coming along and even joining in with some competitive races!

Created: 29 Jun 18 17:14 | Last modified: 29 Jun 18 17:18

Avon and Somerset County Police visit to Sports Day (3 images)

The Avon and Somerset County Police have very kindly donated us a wonderful school set of High-Vis jackets in order to help keep our children safe. The children very much enjoyed getting to look inside the Police van when they called by our sports day to allow us to say a big thank you!

Created: 29 Jun 18 17:03 | Last modified: 29 Jun 18 17:09

Wells Cathedral Pilgrim Leavers' Day (8 images)

The year 6's joined together with lots of other year 6 children in the area to take part in a pilgrim day at Wells Cathedral. They took part in activities to help prepare them for the next, exciting chapter in their lives and took some time to reflect on what this will bring. It was lovely to see how close they have become as a group and when they move on in a few weeks time we will certainly miss them all!

Created: 29 Jun 18 16:56 | Last modified: 29 Jun 18 16:59

Cricket Tournament (4 images)

Some of the year 5 and 6 children enjoyed a glorious day playing cricket. Miss Davey was extremely proud of the progress that each child made throughout the tournament. A great sense of team spirit and positivity was present all day too!

Created: 28 Jun 18 19:03 | Last modified: 28 Jun 18 19:07

Robotics Day (13 images)

The year 5 and 6 children enjoyed a fantastic Robotics day building and programming their robots to complete a range of tasks. We observed some excellent team work and perserverance, along with many successful attempts! Well done everyone!

Created: 14 Jun 18 16:02 | Last modified: 14 Jun 18 16:06

Somerset County Cricket Game (22 images)

Squirrel and Otter class enjoyed a fantastic day out to Somerset County's Cricket ground in Taunton, to watch Somerset Vs Sussex. They were able to watch the game, meet an England/Somerset player and enjoy lots of fun activities to practise and develop their cricket skills!

Created: 23 May 18 18:31 | Last modified: 23 May 18 18:34

Year 6 End of SATs celebration! (4 images)

We are all extremely proud of our year 6's for their hard work and determination during SATs week and the build-up to this busy week! They tackled it with a positive attitude and supported eachother like great friends - a well deserved trip to the park to celebrate!

Created: 23 May 18 18:19 | Last modified: 23 May 18 18:28

The Mayans (11 images)

To mark the end of our topic, The Mayans, Otter class planned and conducted their very own Mayan Afternoon. They baked Chocolate brownies (cocoa was seen as a luxury for the Mayans);learnt the rules and played the Mayan ball game, Pok a Tok and conducted a religious ceremony with their very own Priest.

Created: 22 Mar 18 16:21 | Last modified: 22 Mar 18 16:28

Dance Umbrella (3 images)

We had a wonderful time at the Dance Umbrella at the Forum in Bath. Our year 3's and 4's performed, 'Get loud' and made us all want to get up and dance with them! The year 5's and 6's danced to, 'Friend like me' from Alladin - they even had their own blue Genie! We were extremely proud of all the children, what a great experience!

Created: 22 Mar 18 16:06 | Last modified: 22 Mar 18 16:17

World Book Day (1 images)

Otters and the rest of the school enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day. We held a parade around the playground and enjoyed lots of fun book-related activities throughout the day!

Created: 8 Mar 18 12:33 | Last modified: 8 Mar 18 12:35

Carymoor Environmental Centre (12 images)

Both Otters and Squirrel class visited the landfill site at Carymoor Environmental Centre in line with our current topic, exploring the plastic problem. We were able to see where our rubbish goes and learnt how to correctly recycle our rubbish. We were amazed to discover that 50% of the rubbish that was put in the landfill actually could have been recycled! We are now discovering what we can do as a school to protect our environment!

Created: 8 Mar 18 12:22 | Last modified: 8 Mar 18 12:25

Year 5 & 6 Football Tournament (9 images)

Our year 5 and 6 children did extremely well at the Chew Valley School football tournament. They demonstrated excellent team work and determination - well done!

Created: 6 Feb 18 16:04 | Last modified: 6 Feb 18 16:28

Year 6 Maths Challenge (2 images)

Four of our year 6 children attended the Monkton Coombe Maths Challenge where they competed against other schools. They participated in some extremely challenging maths and represented our school fantastically!

Created: 6 Feb 18 16:01 | Last modified: 6 Feb 18 16:02

Building Roman Catapults (23 images)

Otter class used their Design and Technology skills to successfully build a Roman Catapult fit for the battlefield!

Created: 10 Jan 18 17:18 | Last modified: 10 Jan 18 17:20

Roman Museum (15 images)

Otter and Squirrel class invited their parents and carers to view all of their fantastic Roman learning by creating their very own Roman Museum at school! So many wonderful pieces of writing, art work and models made - well done everyone!

Created: 10 Jan 18 17:12 | Last modified: 10 Jan 18 17:16

Mill on the Brue 2017 (188 images)

Take a look at the fantastic feats of bravery & teamwork undertaken by our students on their residential trip.

Created: 5 Dec 17 10:58 | Last modified: 5 Dec 17 11:15

School Council visit to BANES Council (1 images)

East Harptree Primary School Council had a wonderful visit to the Guild Hall in Bath on Thursday 30th November. They were greeted by Tim Warren, Leader of Bath Council who showed them around the council chambers and joined them with their own meeting. The children picked up some useful tips to help them with their work back at school. They were also lucky enough to spend some time in the Mayor’s Parlour, where they found out a lot about the history Well done to Summer, Freya.W, Addie, Lolly, Louis, Jacob, Jack & Lola. Councillor Tim warren stated that, ‘The school and parents should be proud of the way the children acted, a real credit to all.’

Created: 4 Dec 17 13:20 | Last modified: 4 Dec 17 13:20

Trip to the Roman Baths (25 images)

Otter & Squirrel Class enjoyed learning about the Romans in Bath.

Created: 14 Nov 17 15:21 | Last modified: 14 Nov 17 15:25

R.E. (10 images)

We have been re-creating famous bible stories using a range of different techniques: Manga style (a Japanese comic), Children's story style and Word on the Street (using music and pictorial images).

Created: 29 Oct 17 10:25 | Last modified: 29 Oct 17 10:27

Mad Science (3 images)

Mad Science came in to show us all the exciting things that their club will offer at school! We hope lots of the children will get involved!

Created: 29 Oct 17 10:22 | Last modified: 29 Oct 17 10:24

Lloyds TSB (4 images)

The year 5 and 6 children were visited by Lloyds Bank TSB and learnt all about the importance of budgeting, and the difference between a need and a want!

Created: 29 Oct 17 10:20 | Last modified: 29 Oct 17 10:21

Kindness (2 images)

Otters have been creating 'kindness tweets' as part of our Kindness Campaign across the school! #bekind

Created: 29 Oct 17 10:16 | Last modified: 29 Oct 17 10:18

Yr 5 & 6 Rugby (10 images)

Year 5 & 6 pupils enjoyed a rugby tournament at Chew Valley School.

Created: 5 Oct 17 14:11 | Last modified: 5 Oct 17 14:23

Visit from Scout Leaders (4 images)

The children enjoyed a visit from a Scout leader finding out about the opportunities they can get involved with!

Created: 25 Sep 17 13:26 | Last modified: 26 Sep 17 10:45

Leavers' Lunch & Water Fight (16 images)

Our Year 6 students celebrated the end of their time at East Harptree Primary School with a special lunch and a water fight!

Created: 27 Jul 17 18:02 | Last modified: 27 Jul 17 18:06

Leavers Lunch & Water Fights (0 images)

Our Year 6 celebrated the end of their time at East Harptree Primary School with a celebratory lunch and a water fight!

Created: 27 Jul 17 18:00 | Last modified: 27 Jul 17 18:00

Cinderabba! (50 images)

The KS2 Summer Production "Cinderabba" as a huge success.

Created: 11 Jul 17 13:55 | Last modified: 11 Jul 17 14:23

End of SATS Celebration (15 images)

Some of the Year 6 children celebrating finishing their SATS! "They have all worked so hard and I am super proud of them! " Miss Davey

Created: 27 May 17 17:22 | Last modified: 27 May 17 17:31

Otters @Bristol (24 images)

At the end of January Otter Class enjoyed a trip to @Bristol to explore in more depth their Science topic, Earth and Space. We had loads of fun exploring the activities and watching the 3D Planetarium show!

Created: 27 May 17 16:37 | Last modified: 27 May 17 17:30

Islamic Symbols (9 images)

Otters were engrossed in studying important Islamic symbols and buildings and then describing it for their partner to try and draw!

Created: 27 May 17 17:11 | Last modified: 27 May 17 17:21

Otters Baking (5 images)

Otter Class making Christmas Cookies and then creating their own set of instructions for others to follow!

Created: 27 May 17 16:52 | Last modified: 27 May 17 17:20

S.P.A.G. Treasure Hunt (6 images)

The year 6 children working in pairs to find their way around the treasure hunt (shhhh - don't tell them they were also revising!)

Created: 27 May 17 17:16 | Last modified: 27 May 17 17:18

Lifeskills (22 images)

Years 5 & 6 took a trip to the Lifeskills Centre - always a fun & valuable day.

Created: 27 May 17 17:07 | Last modified: 27 May 17 17:09

Otters do Banksy (3 images)

Bristol - Otters studied our local city of Bristol and researched the famous graffiti artist, Banksy! They designed some wonderful artwork with messages and images linked to their personal interests. They look brilliant!

Created: 27 May 17 16:19 | Last modified: 27 May 17 16:20




















Photos from other topics and earlier adventures are still available in the photo galleries under "News".